Producent: Akrapovic
The Porsche 996 Turbo, with its 3.6 l bi-turbo engine, is the first water cooled Street-Turbo in the history of Porsche. With 420 HP and 580 Nm torque, this car offers a really good driving performance. For us it was also important to us to improve the sound. Our work efforts resulted in a much sonorous and aggressive sound, which gives the turbo a sporty note.Our aftermarket titanium exhaust system with new manifolds, a 400 cpsi hi-flow metal catalysts and an optimized exhaust flow inside the muffler, achieved an additional increase of power and an increase of torque. The high-strength and light-weight titanium we use for building the exhaust system reduces the weight of the rear end of the car. This also improves the handling and agility of the car. Because of reducing the backpressure of the engine, the turbo now has a much better throttle response than before and the gas load is also improved.

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